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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Basic Linux Shell Commands

First You Can Open Terminal

To list all the available command currently installed in your system
press the Tab key 3 times

To Terminate Press 'q' or 'curl+c'

To get command starting with particular character type the relevant character and press 'Tab' 2 times


You can use 'Tab' key to auto fill commands and file names, when you are typing. If a character set is having only a single command, press 'Tab' key one time auto fill the command.

Getting help in Linux command shell

  1. using manual pages----> #man cat press enter to exit press 'q'
  2. #ls& --help, #cat& --help (ls and cat is shell command)
  3. #ls& --help | more

ls ----->Display the contents of the current directory
ls -a----->Display also hidden files and hidden directories

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Wilson Bright said...

Cool blog..I'm sure it will help out the Linux newbies to learn the stuffs.

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